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my crafts~

Hello! Little intro post here... I'm a 25 year old graphic designer living in NY. Crafting is my hobby, though I tend to use whatever I already have, recycle things and such. I glue, sew, draw, print... my style tends to be more feminine and Antoinette-like, but I'm also a fan of gothic horror, zombies, the macabre, etc.

I threw a ton of my crafts below the cut, it's pretty image heavy! But do enjoy. :)

Crocheted fingerless mittens~

I love making necklaces!

This one was made from two barrettes. It is sooo sparkly.

Little antique celluloid flowers on a locket (there's a birdy inside).

Paris love!

I like this one so much.

All made from antiques; the flower was attached to the disc, and so was the dangling chain.


I painted and decoupaged this box.

Pride and joy~ Hand decoupaged, adorned, ties off with a ribbon, and contains a mirror.

It's a smaller box that I decoupaged.

Painted picture frames and added some bows and art.

Rose tea and rosewater that I distilled myself from locally grown show roses.

Not TOO crafty, but I did strip, clean, and bleach the bones myself. =x

Most of my crafts are in my Etsy shop here if you're interested! Hope no one minds a bit of self promotion. :)

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