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Finding Orla


Who the hell knew Target opens at 8am on a Sunday? Apparently, a lot more women than me, cause when I got there just after 10am, the small display of the long awaited Orla Kiely kitchen wares was already more than half empty! All the canisters were gone, no tiered trays and no linens at all. It did not stop me from racking up $170 and change in mugs (6), tumblers (4 small, 5 large), plates (6), bowls (6), a large serving bowl, a tray and a beautiful pitcher, I nearly knocked a guy over to grab. As I filled my basket, another Orla fan and I chatted and she told me I should check out what she calls the secret Target. A new one, kind of hidden behind a shopping center off Piedmont. I took her directions and after getting an employee to look and see if they had any more in the back, which they did not, I decided I would give it a
This Target is indeed hidden, I almost missed it but then just saw the sign, sticking out from behind a gas station. I nearly ran through the store and got my hopes up, when I found a bunch of the linens missing from my Target, on display. I grabbed some, then found the housewares but there was no display for the dishes. So I asked an employee and he looked them up. He said he could see them in stock but they had not been put out yet. He asked me what I wanted and off he went to find the three canisters and the tiered tray (which is even sold out online). While I waited, I grabbed a basket and added more from the linen display to my cart. I got a pear table cloth, apron, 2 chair cushions, kitchen towels and the wrap around pot holder. At last he showed up with all that I had requested and I told him he was my hero.



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