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a few months ago, a wonderful book came out, called Punk House. the book is amazing because it shows the insides of peoples homes as they are, no cleaning crew coming before hand,  and no hired home decorators. also, non of the homes pictured belong to rich people. it's amazing to see how people more like myself live. A nice lady named Abby Banks, toured the us taking pictures of peoples houses. when she came to seattle, she and her tour mate stayed at my house. she took over 300 pictures of my house. (!) a few of them made it into the book. i don't live at this same house anymore, just a few months after Abby came and went, we (me and my six housemates) where thrown out and forced to move. sorry for the crappy, pictres of pictures, but i thought i should share. i now own a home that i just moved into.

this is in the front yard.

the inside of the front door

the kitchen

above the kitchen window.


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